Background Music: A macOS Audio Utility That Let You Control The Volume On A Per-App Level

Imagine that you can make the sound on you Mac lounder when you want to watch a movie or listens to music and a quieter, for example, when you chat with others using apps like Slack, sure, there is no way to control the volume on a per-app level, however, thanks to a open-source software, that's never impossible right now...

Background Music is the software we would like to introduce to you today, it has a mixer where you can adjust audio levels per app and even record system audio. You can select the ideal volume for each app on your Mac in the menu bar, and you can also mute your app.

Another cool functionality is that If any app other than your music player begins playing audio, BackgroundMusic pauses music. So, if you begin to play a YouTube video in Chrome while you're listening to music in Spotify, BackgroundMusic will stop paying Spotify, then replays it again when the video is finished.

Other features include the ability to adjust the right and left audio channels, so you can channel all of the audio of a certain app if you have only one earbud in your ear, recalls your preferences, so if you mute the app, it will mute when it is reactivated, as well as lets you record the audio on your Mac.

Here is what the developers say it can do:
  • Automatically pauses your music player when other audio starts playing and unpauses it afterward
  • Per-application volume, boost quiet apps
  • Record system audio
  • No restart required to install
  • Runs entirely in userspace
Background Music is compatible with macOS 10.10 and above versions, you can download it for free at the official GitHub page.

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