Bloomberg: Dedicated Apple Card App Coming To iPad, Apple Ends Barclay Rewards Offer

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Jennifer Surane, Apple Card, a credit card service by Apple that is set to launch in this month, will include its dedicated app for iPad users, as confirmed by developer Steve Moser, who bring to light the reference in iOS 12.4 update.

Over and above that, the report mentioned that Apple Cardholders can have standalone financing plans for select purchases, meaning that they can carry a revolving balance, but also possible to make a large purchase and pay it off over a set period of time for a fixed monthly fee.

Considering the fact that Apple Card will be releasing real soon, the partnership with Barclaycard Visa for Apple rewards will end as expected, in other words, they will no longer offer Apple rewards

Apple Card is a product of Apple's partnership with Goldman Sachs, which is deeply integrated with Apple Pay and offers a physical titanium card to support retail stores that are not compatible with Apple Pay. It has a 2% cash back per payment, and if you buy an Apple product, it will be 3% cash back. If you pay with a physical card, the cashback is 1%.

At this week’s quarterly earnings conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company plans to launch the Apple Card in August this year, but didn't mention the exact date. Currently, thousands of Apple employees are testing the Apple Card.

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