FAA Bans MacBook Pro 15” Mid-2015 Models To Flights

Image Via CNET
2015 MacBook Pro models affected by the battery explosion recall last month are now forbidden to board on flights. The user must have their MacBook Pro repaired prior to the flight, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The policy, first implemented in late 2016 alongside the Note 7 explosions, states about the safety issue of recalled batteries. It says that the transport of batteries and battery-powered devices are forbidden from transport if they pose a fire or spark issue. It’s true that the MacBook Pro 2015 models are not allowed in airplanes, as Apple pointed out that “The battery may overheat, which eventually causes a fire safety risk.”

The following MacBook Pro models affected by this recall is for the 15-inch, mid-2015 Retina display laptops. If you own this MacBook, make sure to go to Apple’s webpage and enter your serial number if you’re affected by the recall. If you’re affected, go to the Genius Bar and get your battery replaced before you go traveling! 

Therefore, the issue is rare, but unsafe for a MacBook Pro to board a flight if the battery isn’t replaced. Having a melted MacBook Pro is very dangerous and there’s a free battery replacement program for that. If you’re planning to bring your MacBook Pro with you for vacation, then get your battery replaced before you go. 

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