How To Activate Your Titanium Apple Card

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Your titanium Apple Card has finally arrived at your house and you’re excited to open the package. Then you cut open the packing envelope, slipped out a small cardboard box and opened it. Now you get a white envelope with an Apple logo, with your titanium Apple Card inside it. But, you then realize that the Apple Card needs to be activated before you use it. Let’s walk you through on how to activate your titanium Apple Card with your iPhone.

First, if you haven’t requested to have Apple mail you a titanium Apple Card, please do so by opening Wallet on your iPhone, tapping on Apple Card and then pressing the more button. Scroll down and tap Get Apple Card and then follow the onscreen instructions. If you have your titanium credit card already, then follow along to the next steps!

Next, if you have any of the newest iPhones such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, then the activation process is very short and easy. Open the envelope that reveals your titanium Apple Card inside the rainbow holder, put your iPhone over it and when a prompt comes up to activate the card, tap Activate. Then you’ll get a confirmation that your titanium Apple Card is activated and linked to your iPhone already.

Thirdly, for those who yet to have an iPhone that supports Apple Pay but not the 2018 and above iPhones, then you have to set it up a bit differently. Unlock your iPhone and open the Wallet app. Next, tap on Apple Card and tap Activate Your Card. Place your iPhone near the card that’s still in the envelope, then tap Activate. This method is similar to the one used on iPhone XS and iPhone XR but requires you to open the Wallet app.

Now you can get to receive Daily Cash and many Apple Card benefits when you use your titanium Apple Card in places that do not accept Apple Pay, but they accept credit cards. This is perfect for those who usually don’t use Apple Pay as much or live nearby older businesses. Every use of the titanium Apple Card gives you 1% Daily Cash per transaction.

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