Aug 10, 2019

iOS 13 Public Beta 5 and Developer Beta 6 Changes and Updates

Photo via Apple 
iOS 13 developer beta 6 and public beta 5 has been released since Thursday. These new iOS updates feature another cool way to turn on Dark Mode in Control Center, reduced volume gradations, Home Screen folders, and many more changes. This iOS update has the least minor changes apart from the other iOS 13 betas.

Firstly, the Dark Mode toggle is now a separate button in Control Center, alongside the button found in the brightness slider. You can add it in Settings > Control Center by tapping on Customise Controls, then adding the Dark Appearance button. Now open Control Center and tap on the half-circle button on the bottom of the screen. You now have another shortcut to enable Dark Mode.

Next, the reduced volume gradations went from 34 to 16 notches, so you can’t turn up the volume of your iPhone to a very loud level. This change originally went up from 16 volume gradations to 34 in iOS 13 public beta 4 and developer beta 3. On the contrary, the iPhone XS and XR 5G status indicator have shrunk to its original size.

Lastly, you’ll get a new splash screen for the Photos app. It has the 3 top features of iOS 13’s Photos app features, from editing, new editors and new ways to share your photos. In terms of the home screen, the backdrop of the folders is more transparent than the dock. You can see the colors of the folders move when you drag it across the wallpaper.

In conclusion, we are already in the point that Apple doesn’t need to release iOS 13 beta updates frequently, as they’re confident enough that the beta testing season is going well. We’re a month away from the next Apple special event this autumn, meaning that we’re close to the iOS 13 GM, coming out a few days before the official release to the public. Still, we have a few more weeks of beta testing iOS 13, so we better report any bugs and issues to Apple before the public launch this early September.

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