Review: Heyday Silicone iPhone 8 Case

The Heyday silicone iPhone case for iPhone 7 and 8 offers the look, protection, and feel like Apple’s silicone iPhone cases but at a more affordable price. It retails for $20 at Target and $14 when it’s on sale. I had a chance to get my hands on the Teal colored version of this case for review.

This silicone iPhone case is made out of the quality materials and has the same protection features as opposed to Apple’s $39 silicone iPhone cases. The silicone is slick and grippy so your iPhone won’t easily slip off from your hands. The camera hole is a bit higher than the Apple silicone cases, which allows compatibility with the iPhone 6s as well. But the only minor flaw is that the iPhone 7 and 8 cameras sit below on the camera hole, but it is not a big deal to me.

The internal parts of the case are composed out of polycarbonate and microfibres to prevent the back of your iPhone from getting scratched. The polycarbonate is sturdier as the Apple cases, which is not easy to crack off than the Apple cases. The frontal lip is quite high to prevent the screen of the iPhone from contacting the surface, which is about 2mm off the screen.

In terms of the colors Target offers for these cases, most of them change by season like when Apple releases new products. Right now as of writing, they are still currently selling the teal, lilac, dark teal, and pink colors on Target’s website. Your local Target store may vary in availability.

Although I only dropped my iPhone in the case once, there were only a few minor gouges on the top right-hand corner of the case and a small scuff on the bottom right of the case. The damage isn’t really bad as opposed to the Apple silicone cases, which the silicone peels off when you drop it. The Heyday silicone cases kept the silicone intact after one drop, but a few drops don’t peel off big chunks of silicone. Instead, only the outer layers of the silicone peel off in smaller pieces, which means that the silicone is higher quality than Apple’s.

Therefore, this iPhone case is $19 less than the price of the Apple iPhone 7/8 Silicone Case. You get the better quality of the Heyday case than the Apple cases, for a slightly lower price. You can check it out here: Heyday™ Apple iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Silicone Case - Teal: Target

Disclaimer: Target neither endorsed me or sent me a free case for this review. My coworker has given me permission to use her Heyday silicone case on my iPhone 7 for review purposes. 

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