Apple Watch Series 5 Teardown Indicate Minor Changes Have Made To Some Parts

Repair site iFixit's teardown on Apple Watch Series 5 indicates that the wearable device is similar to its predecessor in terms of internals. Although, Apple has made enough minor changes that many parts are not interchangeable, for example, the redesigned connectors on the taptic engine, display and battery.

Moving onto the main highlight of the Apple Watch Series 5, Always-On display, which allows you to view the time without lifting your wrist or tapping the screen, it's terribly difficult to get an Always-On screen for a sophisticated device like the Apple Watch. iFixit found that in order to achieve an Always-On experience, Apple uses advanced display driver chips, improved power management chips and ambient light sensors.

Not only that, the battery capacity of the Apple Watch Series 5 has also managed to improve, although hardly any improvements have been made. In the figure below, the Series 5 is on the left and the Series 4 is on the right. The Series 5 has a battery capacity of 296 mAh and the Series 4 has a battery capacity of 291.8 mAh.

In addition, Series 5 features Apple's new S5-on-chip system, which packs twice the storage space and the new compass. However, it also includes the same CPU and GPU as the S4 chip in Series 4, and the overall performance are the same, suggested both of the two models are about as powerful as an iPhone 6S.

In conclusion, iFixit gives Apple Watch Series 5 an repairability score 6 out of 10, which it's fairly repairable.

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