iOS 13 Is Finally Here, Here’s How To Install It

iOS 13 has many great features, consisting of Dark Mode, Memoji Stickers, a new Reminders app, extra security features and many more. iOS 13 has many of the greatest features we’ve been waiting for. Dark Mode brings iOS 13 a whole new look by changing the lighter colors to a darker tone and making the screen easier to see in dark environments. There have also been a few shifts in the design of iOS 13, with refreshed Reminders and Health app and rounded icons. Find My iPhone and Find my Friends are now in one app, named Find My in a simpler design. On the other hand, iOS 13 brings security and privacy to the next level with the Sign In with Apple, the Apple Card and Silence Unknown Callers feature.

When users need to look at your iPhone in the night, Dark Mode helps the screen make it easier for the eyes by toning down the bright colors. The redesigned apps make it easier to add in reminders more quickly and Find My make it more streamlined and simpler in finding friends and devices. For instance, machine learning helps detect when you’re typing in a certain time in one of your reminders, which suggests you to set the reminder to the particular time you typed in. In the Find My app, you can also let the app know when you are in proximity to a device that you’re finding. It’ll send you a notification once when you find the lost iOS device or Mac. iOS 13’s Sign In with Apple feature reduces the stress people have to overcome when it comes to typing in passwords in multiple websites and apps.

iOS 13 is the perfect iOS version for every iPhone user. It makes iOS a more intuitive, simple and easy to use software for mobile devices. Apple always takes privacy seriously, from their day by day security engineers. Even most of the iPhone users like the security features, from silencing annoying notifications and scam callers to the extra authentication measures the company puts into their apps and websites. Other than the great features this major iOS update has to offer, let’s get started with installing iOS 13.

First of all, the update is available over-the-air in the Settings app. Go to the Settings app, tap on General, then tap on Software Update. Make sure to back up the iPhone to iCloud, charge it to at least 50%, connect it to a WiFi network and have your iPhone passcode and Apple ID credentials handy. All of these things are necessary for a successful update!

Next, the iOS 13 update should appear on the iPhone screen. Tap on Download and Install and enter the iPhone’s passcode. The update should take 5 minutes to download to the iPhone’s internal storage. After the update is downloaded, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. It’ll show the number of seconds before iOS 13 begins to install. If you’re installing iOS 13 tonight, then you have to end up entering your passcode again to install iOS 13 automatically from 11 pm to 5 am.

Last, wait for the update to complete installing for 5-25 minutes, depending on the WiFi connectivity speed. A setup assistant will appear after the update installation, which also requires you to enter your iPhone passcode, sign in to your Apple ID and make sure everything is fine with the Apple ID and iPhone setup. There will also be a prompt that asks if you want Dark Mode or Light Mode set up on your iPhone. To end it up, enjoy the new features of iOS 13 on your iPhone!

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