iPhone XR 2 Could Feature 4GB Of RAM And Modest Performance Gains

It's pretty obvious that the new iPhone to be released next week will be powered by the A13 chip, and a great deal of attention has been paid to the performance of this generation of A-series chips. Now the benchmark test by Geekbench may give us an idea to evaluate the A13 performance ahead of time.

A device running iOS 13.1 and named "iPhone12.1" has been spotted in the Geekbench database, with the motherboard ID of N104AP, assumed to be the next iPhone XR's performance data. It's worth to note that Bloomberg reported as early as May this year that the next iPhone XR's internal code is N104.

From the benchmark test, this suspected new iPhone XR device features 4GB of RAM, which is higher than the current 3GB of the iPhone XR, and in line with the forecast made by Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this year, in which he said at the time that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone would be upgraded to a 4GB of RAM.

Additionally, the device's processor (A13?) includes six cores with a 2.66 GHz base frequency, surpassing the A12 biochip's 2.49 GHz. This also results in a single-core score of 5415, which is 12 ~13 % higher than the A12. In contrast, the iPhone XR with an A12 bionic chip has an average single-core score of 4796.

Curiously, owing to software limitations or other reasons, the multi-core results of the device didn't demonstrate any exciting development in that aspect, approximately comparable to A12.

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