Kuo: 2020 iPhones Will Feature New Metal Frame Design For Better 5G Connectivity

Tian Feng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today shared his latest Apple research report, in which he expects the iPhones to support 5G by 2020, thus considerably overhaul the design of the metal frame for better connectivity, including more complex segmentation layout, new trenching and injection molding procedures, and installation of a sapphire or glass cover, to safeguard the grooved injection molding structure.

In addition to the new chassis redesign, Kuo said in a June report that the iPhones to be released next year will feature 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch displays, with the full lineup is anticipated to embrace 120Hz OLED displays.

Other expectations for the 2020 iPhones includes a rear-facing time-of-flight camera for improved AR experiences, as well as the potential to support both Touch ID and Face ID at the same time.

Apple's iPhones lineup has not undergone significant design changes since iPhone X was introduced in 2017. Clearly, the company has planned all this since it reached settlements with Qualcomm earlier this year that if 5G were to be supported on the 2020 iPhones, it would have to redesign its smartphone lineup to improve 5G capability.

Kuo estimated that the unit price of metal frame and casing will increase substantially, with the highest increase of 50–60% and 40–50% respectively. The suppliers Foxconn Industrial Internet and Jabil are the biggest beneficiaries. The reliable analyst says that the recent rise in the share prices of Foxconn Industrial Internet and Jabil is reflecting this bullishness.

Finally, consider the iPhone design will be changed significantly in 2020 and similar to the iPhone 4, Kuo forecasts the new 2H20 iPhone is expected to grow to 8,000–85 million units in 2020.

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