Oct 8, 2019

Apple: macOS Catalina's iCloud Folder Sharing Feature Coming Next Spring

Apple has postponed macOS Catalina's iCloud Folder Sharing feature until the "spring of 2020." The company didn't cite any reason as to why the feature delayed from "later this fall" to "spring" of next year." Yet, from the issues that beta testers faced, such as data loss and data corruption, Apple may have realized that there's still some work do to.

The iCloud Folder Sharing was designed to allow users to share folders from their iCloud Drive with other Apple users and generate private links. It was first appeared in the early beta of iOS 13 and was discontinued after the official release of iOS 13 and iPadOS last month.
You can now share folders with a private link. Anyone who has access can see the folder in iCloud Drive, add new files, and get the latest versions of files.
In the macOS Catalina released yesterday, such a feature was also cut off. Though, in the early beta version of macOS Catalina, there were options to share the iCloud folder and create a shared link. As of now, the iCloud Drive system only allows users to share and edit single files, not entire catalogs.

In addition to iCloud Folder Sharing, Apple also put off other planned features including Announce Messages with Siri, HomeKit Secure Video, AirPlay 2 automation speakers, Image Capture API, and HomeKit-enabled routers. The good news is that most of these features should be available once iOS 13.2 releases.

Image Via Computerworld

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