Oct 5, 2019

John Hancock Offers $25 Apple Watch Series 5 for Vitality Subscribers

Photo via Apple 
Life insurance company John Hancock is providing Apple Watch Series 5 models to their customers. They have been offering Apple Watch models to customers since 2016 when the Apple Watch Series 2 came out. Now, this fall, Vitality life insurance customers can get an Apple Watch Series 5 for only $25.

The watch starts at $25 for the 40mm GPS model plus sales tax and adds up with fees for the larger 44mm size and a cellular option. Users have to attain a certain amount of points to lessen the monthly rates used to pay for the watch, by being active every day. They have to do their monthly payments for the first two years of owning the watch.

A survey from John Hancock finds out that Vitality subscribers are 84% to be motivated to exercise with their Apple Watch and 90% for wearing their Apple Watch 7 days a week. This implies that most of the customers are more active with their Apple Watch by exercising and wearing the watch every day.

Many of the John Hancock life insurance customers appreciate their Apple Watch activity program. John Hancock CEO, Brooks Tingle, states about the company’s Apple Watch program:
"The Apple Watch has been an extremely popular and effective component of our program as customers who use it report increased motivation and physical activity, the bottom line is what we're trying to do with our insurance. Healthier lives are not only good for our customers and their families but good for our business and society as a whole."
The insurance company believes that this program is a great way to get motivated and healthy with Apple’s new watch. The program also helps boost the company to encourage more people to join the Vitality program. In addition, it also reduces the number of monthly payments if users earn more credit from their activity tracked by the Apple Watch, with at least 500 points. 500 points mean that users don’t need to pay the monthly rate for that month, but when a new month comes, their points reset and they have to do the same thing over and over again, every month. Thus, this is a great opportunity for those who want to pay for the Apple Watch Series 5 in smaller monthly payments rather than the starting price of $400 if paying in full.

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