Tim Cook Discusses Environmental Efforts in Recent GQ Interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with GQ about the company’s environmental efforts and their Apple Trade-In device recycling program. Apple has strongly promoted the trade-in program by offering price cuts for iPhone upgrades since the iPhone XS and iPhone XR release in the last holiday season, which influenced iPhone users to upgrade from an older iPhone to a newer iPhone.

First and foremost, Cook says that the increased emphasis on the iPhone trade-in rates has been effective. He says that,
"This year we've really moved the dial on getting the consumer to think about a trade-in," he said. "We were up to a third or more of the people that come into our stores that are trading in, and this number is trending up." 
This means that at least a third or more of iPhone users have been visiting the Apple Store to trade in their older iPhones and upgrade to the latest Apple Watch. Trade-in values for the iPhones range from $100 for an iPhone 6s and all the way up to $600 when trading in the iPhone XS Max. The store credit is then used for a new iPhone purchase or in an Apple Store gift card.

Second of all, Tim Cook also has a message for third party accessory manufacturers about sustainable accessories for iPhones, iPads and Macs. He suggested that all manufacturers would have to use stickers or labels to indicate that the product is made out of environmentally friendly materials, from iPhone cases to charging cables. But, only MFi certified Apple product accessories would get the eco-friendly labels on their products and its packaging.

Finally, Apple received an award from Ceres recently for the sustainability initiatives they put into their company. This includes the Liam and Daisy iPhone disassembly robots in their iPhone recycling program and the use of 100% renewable energy in their headquarters, offices and retail stores. The use of renewable energy in Apple’s facilities including Apple Park helps create a better, healthier environment while combating climate change. Even the Daisy iPhone disassembly robot can take apart 200 iPhones every hour, making iPhone recycling simpler and faster.

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