Nov 3, 2019

Another New Patent By Apple Highlight The Company's Foldable Display Effort

Another Apple patent application reveals that the company to this day is striving to make a foldable iPhone, this time focusing on the phone's side and back. Numbered 10,345,860, the file goes on to demonstrate how Apple is going to present visual content on any part of a device like an iPhone or iPad.

The patent application describes "a consumer electronics product that includes at least a transparent housing and a flexible display assembly enclosed within the transparent housing, and configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing." In contrast to the folding display described by Apple in applications 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, this one suggests the approaches of merging two or more overlapping displays.
An electronic device having a front surface, comprising: a transparent structure having a first portion located on the front surface of the electronic device, a second portion that bends away from the first portion, and a rounded corner; and a display that displays images through the first portion of the transparent structure, the second portion of the transparent structure, and the rounded corner, wherein the display has a folded portion that conforms to the rounded corner of the transparent structure.
And while Apple has never publicly stated that it will ever use folding or overlapping displays on its products, it has been applying for this sort of patent for many years.

Recently, the company filed a patent on how to deal flexibly with the logic boards of such products. At the end of last year, it applied for a patent that the display of a foldable device could be folded in a variety of ways.

Once more, it is only a patent at the moment, of note, and it does not guarantee that it will become a reality.

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