Apple Adds HomeKit Secure Video & Routers To Its Home Accessories Page

At the WWDC Worldwide Developer Conference in June this year, Apple announced that its HomeKit smart home platform will support HomeKit-enabled Secure Video cameras and routers this year.

It was said that the first HomeKit Secure Video and router devices will be made by Netatmo, Logitech, eufy Security, and Linksys, Eero, Spectrum and other manufacturers.

However, Apple has quietly updated its HomeKit Accessories page, where HomeKit Secure Video and router have emerged on the page, which also implies that new products will soon reach consumers. The first routers to support HomeKit include Eero, Eero Pro, and Linksys Velop Mesh; cameras that support HomeKit Secure Video include Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera, D-Link Omna CAM HD, and Logitech Circle 2.

Among them, HomeKit Secure Video will analyze the clips recorded by the camera when motions are detected. Encrypted upload to iCloud to ensure user privacy, Apple will also offer 10 days of free video storage period that's sperate from your own iCloud subscription service; you will then need to subscribe to either the 200 GB or 2 TB iCloud plans, for one or five cameras respectively.

On the contrary, routers that support HomeKit will automatically list all HomeKit-connected devices when an attack is detected and switch mode to prevent information leakage. Users can also toggle which devices can actually access the internet at all. This, of course, will prevent instances where the devices within your network could be jeopardized

In addition to the cameras, some doorbells with a camera feature too support HomeKit Secure Video, such as Netamo Smart Video Doorbell, Robin ProLine Doorbell.

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