Apple Could Bring In-Screen Touch ID To Apple Watch First, New Patent Reveals

Nowadays, some Android phones have already adopted the in-screen fingerprint recognition feature, but it hasn't reached any of Apple's devices yet, despite rumors have it that Apple could release an iPhone with embedded Touch ID sensor in 2020 or 2021, several patents from the iPhone maker have also hinted the possibility of bringing Touch ID back again, in fact, Apple itself claimed that Touch ID will still have a role in its products.

Interestingly, a new patent from the Cupertino tech-giant reveals that the company is not only researching the in-display fingerprint technology but could also add the feature to Apple Watch first, then make its way to iPhone...

The Apple patent was filed in the second quarter of 2018 and formally published on November 7th, tied to Apple Watch. The patent basically describes embedding an antenna in a band, however, on a side note, also stated that the display of the watch may include "one or more input devices such as a touch sensing device, force sensing device, temperature sensing device, and/or a fingerprint sensor."

At present, Apple Watch depends on pairing to the iPhone or simply enter passcode for authentication, but this is not ideal. Yet, a complex system such as Face ID is obviously not suitable for Apple Watch, thus, it only leaves them to put a Touch ID part on the Apple Watch screen, which seems more like an appropriate solution.

As far as the antenna in the band is concerned, Apple points out that the antenna requires certain special traits, such as being able to stretch, bend and twist and retain warmth.

Image Via iMore

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