Nov 21, 2019

Apple Pulled "Ratings and Reviews" Section From Its Online Store

Apple apparently to have pulled the "Ratings and Reviews" section from its online store on November 16th, and it involves all products. It’s not clear why would Apple be doing this and when the company will add back this option.

Previously, users were able to leave their thoughts on a certain products, which also helps other buyers in determine whether something is worth purchasing or not.

However, Apple remove the reviews section from its website at some point between the November 16 and November 17. Here is the interesting part though, on the same day when Apple decides to remove the reviews section from its website, YouTube channel Fstoppers posted the video entitled "Apple fans, where is your God now?", where a host read out negative comments about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro from the online store, it's possible that caused Apple to realize that maybe it's time to shut down the once for all.

Nevertheless, given that the 56,000 page views of the video at the time it was posted did not seem to be enough to attract Apple's attention to video content, it remains to be seen whether the video is tied directly to Apple's course of action to disable the ratings section, not mentioning that there are also other videos that are more critics to Apple's products, and some videos have much higher page views.

Via AppleInsider

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