Apple To Build $1 Billion Campus In Austin; Mac Pro To Ship Soon

Apple today announced the start of its new 133-acre headquarters in Austin, Texas. the company plans to invest $1 billion to build a new headquarters, which will accommodate 5,000 employees and will expand to accommodate 15,000 in the future. Apple's Austin headquarter is scheduled to be completed and put into use in 2022.

Apple, in collaboration with Austin-based Bartlett Tree experts, said it will plant thousands of trees on campus that span more than 20 local varieties in Texas. Apple claims that landscaping will cover more than 60% of the property, including a 50-acre natural and wildlife sanctuary open to the public.
“Building the Mac Pro, Apple’s most powerful device ever, in Austin is both a point of pride and a testament to the enduring power of American ingenuity,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “With the construction of our new campus in Austin now underway, Apple is deepening our close bond with the city and the talented and diverse workforce that calls it home. Responsible for 2.4 million American jobs and counting, Apple is eager to write our next chapter here and to keep contributing to America’s innovation story.”
Apple CEO Tim Cook along with US President Donald Trump will take a tour to the Texas plant later on Wednesday, where Mac Pro units are now being built and will soon ship to customers across the Americas. The 244,000-square-foot Mac Pro facility employs more than 500 people in a range of roles, including electrical engineers and electronics assemblers.

Furthermore, Apple says the Mac Pro contains hundreds of components from companies in 19 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont and Washington. This includes computer processors from Arizona and Oregon and graphics processors from New York, as well as electrical components from Maine, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Lastly, Apple also touched on the basis of its 2018 commitment of contributing $350 billion to the US economy by 2023, which the iPhone maker said it's on track to meet that goal, while clarifying they supports 2.4 million jobs across the US, including the 450,000 manufacturing and operations jobs and 90,000 direct employees in all 50 states.

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