Apple Watch Black Friday Deals Can Possibly Surpass The Fitbit Sales

Image via Apple 

This year’s Black Friday deals for the Apple Watch will be having the most significant quantity of deals to surpass that of the Fitbit scales. The Series 3 and 4 models are in their lowest prices from $129 to $499, depending on the model, size and case material. Apple Watch Series 5 is also on a minor price cut for $669 ($30 off) in stainless steel 40mm models and starting at $384 ($15 off) in the aluminum GPS models.

To begin with, the Series 3 deals in their $129 starting price tag will be surpassing the Fitbit wearable sales, which will encourage more people to wear or upgrade to an Apple Watch. As this statement could possibly be true, it is also added that there were lots of early Black Friday doorbusters for last year’s Apple Watch Series 4 models. Walmart discounted the Series 3 and 4 models at that price, alongside with other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

Next, Fitbit would be offering more Black Friday deals for their wearable tech models, though their products are competing with the Apple Watch. As of now, the company has its Versa models discounted by $50 on Amazon. But when Black Friday comes closer in the coming 2 weeks, Fitbit users would be switching to the Apple Watch for $100 at a few more dollars, making it the best time for more people to wear an Apple Watch. This results in better sales for Apple’s wearable revenue for the holiday quarter.

Accordingly, we all expect Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target to offer the lowest Black Friday deals for Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5 models. This means that Black Friday shoppers will be ready to buy their Apple products in a whole new way, with lesser prices and more people buying their products. The Apple Watch will surpass the overall wearable sales for this year.

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