Nov 12, 2019

Bloomberg: 16-Inch MacBook Pro Expected Tomorrow, Mac Pro In December

According to a fresh report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to launch the new 16-inch MacBook Pro notebook tomorrow, while Mac Pro should be available on sale in this December, in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Indeed, the coverage of this new product has not been stopped in the last few days, and Bloomberg's reporting has just reiterated its presence again. This will be the first major overhaul since the 2016 MacBook Pro range has been revamped. The most obvious change is the larger brighter display, 16 inches wider than the current top 15 inches. But the display frame is said to be narrower, therefore, the size will not be much broader than the existing 15-inch model.

This machine will be the preferred choice for video content producers, photo editors, or gamers, as well as software developers. With a larger screen and perhaps more compact, it's bound to be more convenient than an iMac.

The keyboard is another major leap in the latest 16-inch device. The new scissor-switch keyboard would replace the breakable and unreliable butterfly keyboard, leaving people to meditate at last.

In terms of price, the report said that the price of the 16-inch MacBook Pro is the same as the 15-inch model's "starting price", which is $2,399, exceeding even some analysts' expectations

In addition to the 16-inch MacBook Pro news, Bloomberg also said that the new Mac Pro, which was officially announced in June, may be available in December, and obviously, will be the most powerful one in the current Mac lineup.

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