How To Test The Fit Of Your AirPods Pro

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AirPods Pro is the first time Apple added silicone ear tips to AirPods to block out external noise. The ear tips come in 3 different sizes to fit many different ear shapes. These sizes include the medium ear tips by default and the small and large ear tips in another box in the AirPods Pro packaging. But, in this article, we will learn how to change ear tips and how to tell if your AirPods Pro fits perfectly in your ears.

First, when you use your AirPods Pro for the first time, the medium-sized ear tips are pre-installed on them. Try on the AirPods Pro in the medium ear tips and make sure the AirPods sit comfortably and securely in the ear. If the AirPods don’t make a good seal in your ears and feel loose, wear on the AirPods with the larger ear tips. If the large ear tips feel too big,  bulging or uncomfortable, then switch to the smaller ear tips. An AirPod with a tight, sealed fit in the ear canal is important in delivering the bass and sound equal to the ear.

Next, if you can’t tell if the AirPods Pro fits perfectly, there is a nifty little thing that is hidden in the Settings app. Put on your AirPods Pro and connect them to your iPhone. Then unlock your iPhone, open Settings, tap on Bluetooth and tap on the info icon on your AirPods Pro in the Bluetooth devices list. Then tap on the Ear Tip Fit Test and tap on Continue. Make sure the AirPods Pro are in your ears, then tap on the play button. The test will run for a few seconds and then give back the results on your iPhone screen.

If the AirPods fit perfectly with a tight seal, the text will turn green and says: Good Seal. If one or both AirPods display a message in yellow text and says: Adjust the AirPod or Try a Different Ear Tip, change the ear tip size of the AirPod or adjust it. Then press the play button again to retest the AirPods fitting test. If you’re done testing out the fit of your AirPods Pro, tap on Done.

Finally, you can enjoy your AirPods Pro with effective noise cancellation and Transparency Mode. These features are important when your AirPods fit perfectly in your ears, especially when it comes to listening to music. If you still feel uncomfortable and uncertain about the fit of your AirPods Pro, you can test out the fit of the AirPods anytime you want, in the Settings app on your iPhone.

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