iOS 13.3 Public Beta 1 Changes and Features!

The public beta for iOS 13.3 is released for non-developers. The iOS beta consists of improvements in RAM, the comeback of the Series 4/5 icon in the Apple Watch app icon, Communication Limits and brings in an issue for those who use Beats Solo Pro with their iPhone. This iOS beta is released 2 days after iOS 13.3 beta rolled out to the developers. Without further ado, let’s explore the few minor changes this iOS update has to offer.

First and foremost, the iOS 13.3 beta improves the RAM management issues, which is used for multitasking across many apps. This includes opening a bunch of apps on the iPhone and then the apps don’t reload themselves. Some of the apps reload on the iPhone after a few minutes, due to a memory timeout. But, there are no more apps reloading too quickly in iOS 13.3 beta 1!

Second, there is another setting that disables the Memoji stickers from always appearing. Go to Settings, tap on General and then tap on Keyboards. Scroll down and you'll find the switch to turn off and on the Memoji Stickers keyboard.

Third, the Communication Limits feature in Screen Time is now available. This setting is useful if iPhone users need a cooldown from iMessaging, calling or FaceTiming their friends. This feature sets limits by contact groups and certain people from Everyone, Favourites, and Contacts Only for iMessage, FaceTime, SMS messaging and calling.

Fourth, there is a minor change in the Apple Watch app. The app icon is back to its Series 4 and 5 counterparts with the Digital Crown revamp. This change was first implemented in iOS 12.1.1 with the elongated Apple Watch Series 4 and new Digital Crown. But in the initial early releases of iOS 13, the icon was reverted to the original app icon. iOS 13.3 beta takes back the Series 4 icon in the app.

Lastly, iPhone users owning a Beats Solo Pro shouldn’t update their iPhones to iOS 13.3 public beta. The PID for the particular device is unavailable, which causes iOS to not recognize the headphones. Instead, Beats Solo Pro users have to stay on iOS 13.2 until a bug fix comes out.

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