iPhone 11 Pro Max Scores 117 In DXOMark Camera Tests, Ranked 3rd Overall

DXOMark, the leading source of audio and image quality measurements and ratings for smartphones, has today published the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera quality test results. With the total score of 117 points in the DXOMARK's testing, the 11 Pro Max swarms the top 5 in the newly-updated smartphone camera rankings.

DxOMark said that the 11 Pro Max is one of the best-performing smartphones, despite its performance was inferior to that of a smartphone with a large image sensor (for example, Huawei Mate 30 Pro) in a very low light condition. Like previous generations of iPhones, 11 Pro Max scores high in color accuracy and is one of the best performing phones in the category in all lighting conditions.

Since Apple's new Deep Fusion uses machine learning to polish up the demosaicing effect, the iPhone's image detail and texture have been significantly improved. The noise is also refined compared to XS Max.

Although the iPhone 11 Pro Max is mounted with a 2x telephoto lens and the zoom image quality has enhanced, there is still a gap between the camera with a telephoto lens, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro or the P30 Pro. The iPhone 11 super wide-angle lens also offers one of the widest viewing angles they've ever seen (the actual viewing angle measured is 13.7 mm) plus the color rendering and dynamic range is also on high ground.

When changing the camera to video mode, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can record some of the best movies on any modern smartphone, particularly when using 4K resolution. The 11 Pro Max is one of the few smartphones that's capable of filming HDR videos. It creates a rather wide range of dynamics. In most cases, the exposure is generally stable, and the color rendering is quite pleasing, quite similar to still photographs, but when taping indoors, the white balance may be somewhat erratic.

Typically, the video autofocus is well tracked and that stabilization works well in most circumstances. But, DXOMark points out that there is a Jello effect while recording when walking, white balance indoors instability, clear autofocus phase while tracking, and aliasing are apparent from time to time.
Previous Apple iPhone generations have always been among the best smartphones for imaging, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is no different. It matches our top score for Video, recording video clips with good detail, a very wide dynamic range, and smooth stabilization in most circumstances. Its still image results also put it among the best, thanks to consistently good results from the primary camera, which is now accompanied by a very capable ultra-wide lens with one of the widest fields of view we have seen. Bokeh simulation mode and zoom performance at long range are not quite up with the very best, but if those areas are not top priorities, the new iPhone is an easy recommendation for any mobile image creator, especially those who are already invested in the iOS ecosystem.
You can check out DXOMark's in-depth review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max right here.

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