tvOS 13.3 Update Brings Back The 'Up Next' Feature For Apple TV Users

This week, Apple issued the first beta of tvOS 13.3 to developer and public beta testers, while you may presume that the update probably did not include any new changes or features given that tvOS releases have traditionally been minor in scale and concentrating on under-the-hood bug fixes and speed improvements, well, Apple did add back a feature in this update that many users would appreciate...

The feature, "Up Next", perhaps already rings a bell to many folks who previously experienced tvOS 12, indeed, after being replaced by "What to Watch", it's officially brought back to tvOS with the latest 13.3 beta, although you will need to manually to change it from "What to Watch" to "Up Next."

Apple redesigned the tvOS 13 Home screen interface and added a gallery to Top Shelf to dynamically showcase a variety of new shows worth watching. At the same time, the "Up Next" feature has also been replaced by the "What to Watch", which suggests new content chosen from Apple, but criticisms have soon flowed out the internet, which ultimately leads to the company added the "Up Next" settings.

The new setting is in the ' Home Screen ' tab. You could toggle between displaying ' What to do ' and ' Up Next ' on the top shelf. To switch between modes, press the Apple TV remote.

Currently, tvOS 13.3 is in the beta testing phase, however, we should expect Apple to publicly release the update at the end of the year.

Image via 9to5mac

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