Nov 1, 2019

Users Claim iOS 13.2 Worsen Already Poor RAM Management Issues

Since its release in mid-September, iOS 13 has had a tough start, although it has brought new and popular features such as dark mode, it is also one of the most memory-hungry versions of iOS updates in recent years.

Increasingly amount of iPhone and iPad users can't stand with the poor RAM management on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, as it causes their previously launched apps to be cleared in the background after simply switching apps, for example, Safari, and the same applies to native apps such as Mail.
I was watching a video in YouTube on my iPhone 11 Pro. I pause the video to respond to a text message. I was in iMessage for less than one minute. When I returned to YouTube it reloaded the app and I lost the video I was watching. I noticed this a lot on my iPad Pro too. Apps and Safari tabs reloading a lot more frequently than they did in iOS 12. Very annoying.
Starting with iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2, the problem seems to get worse. Many developers have also discovered and tested out the bug.

Developer Nick Heer argues that iOS 13.2 "iOS 13.2 goes above and beyond in killing background tasks." He have tested multiple transitions between iMessage and Safari, and the background was completely refreshed each time the foreground was applied. This has been happening throughout the iOS 13 system, and is pretty much like returning to an era where there was no multitasking exists.

The biggest drawback with poor RAM management is that users can lose track of app progress when performing tasks such as editing text or watching videos. Others reported that they lost all drafts of the email just because they switched to the Camera or Music app during the process.

This kind of problem may be related to how the new version of iOS operates on older iPhones, but even on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro, RAM management issues still remain, the actual explanation is unclear, it is said to be due to the new camera system, where it requires a huge portion of RAM space.

Under normal circumstances, with excellent hardware and software optimization it includes, the iPhone should be better in memory management, who would have thought the result is worse. Apple definitely needs to put the fix of the bug as the highest priority before anything else.

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