Apple Sydney Closes January 5th Following Renovations

Image via 9to5Mac
One of the oldest Apple Stores in Australia is undergoing remodelling next month to add in its Today at Apple workshops. On January 5th, the store will close down for renovations, forcing locals and visitors to go to alternative locations.

The store’s official webpage has a caption on the photo with the slogan, “We’re making creative updates.” Apple is focusing on the Sydney, Australia Apple Store remodelling for a large video wall and a Forum to accommodate the new workshops including a major redesign. Many rumours have been put out that the store will have their third-floor Genius Bar eliminated including foliage such as trees, grass and plants. These changes will refresh the store to Apple’s modern retail aesthetics.

The remodelling will take several months to complete, with a grand reopening date in the spring or summer. This means that customers who primarily go to the Sydney Apple Store will have to end up shopping at the Bondi and Broadway locations, which are recently opened this year. Albeit the renovation length, the Apple Sydney Store will still remain one of Australia’s biggest and flagship Apple Store.

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