Express Transit Mode on Apple Pay Now Available in Transport for London

Apple Pay has now been expanded to make transit easier for the London Underground, which was undergoing testing a week ago. This allows iPhone users to put their iPhone on a reader to pay for their fares without authentication. In addition, if the user’s iPhone is an iPhone XS or later, they can also use it with Power Reserve for up to 5 hours after the battery runs out.

Apple has pushed out the notices regarding the release to iPhone users in the UK and with a new webpage. The feature requires an Apple Pay enabled iPhone running iOS 13.3 or later and an Apple Watch Series 1 or later running watchOS 6. Users have to open Settings on their iPhone and then go to Wallet & Apple Pay. From there the user can tap on Express Transit Card and choose a card of their choice. The card is then added as a transit card in the wallet app once the user authenticates it with Touch ID, their iPhone passcode or Face ID.

The Apple Pay Transport for London boarding passes is valid in all types of London transit services, from the London Underground to buses and trains. This allows users to pay for their trips without Face ID or Touch ID, even when their iPhone is about to shut down. Put the iPhone on the yellow card reader and then enjoy your trip. Same goes to the Apple Watch as well.

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