iOS 13.3 Brings AML Emergency System To iPhone Users In Germany

Following Apple publicly released the iOS 13.3 update to users last week, the company also brought the AML emergency system to iPhone owners in Germany at the same time.

According to mobiFlip's report this feature has been functional on the iPhone for some time, but has not been available in Germany; however, with the arrival of iOS 13.3, Twitter user named Leitstelle Lausitz have inadvertently discovered it.

AML, short for Advanced Mobile Location, is a emergency system that can automatically identify the exact location when the user dials an emergency call and then sends the exact location; in Germany (112 for emergency calls) the location information will be sent to the 112 emergency control center. This feature is integrated and there is no need for users to install applications or perform other actions. The emergency call location data received by AML is kept in the server for one hour and then permanently deleted.

In Germany, all major cellular operators support the system, including that of the Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefónica Germany.

Image Via Appletips

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