Water Resistance In AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is the first AirPods to be water and sweat resistant, with a rating of IPX4. It can be exposed to water drops, a wet counter or a damp surface but it is not completely waterproof. This article has details about the IPX4 water resistance on the AirPods Pro and what to do if they get exposed to these substances.

First and foremost, only the AirPods Pro themselves are rated IPX4 water and sweat resistant, not its wireless charging case. This means you should not take your AirPods in its charging case to the washer and dryer if you accidentally left it in your pockets. In addition, since the water resistance is not as much, you should not submerge, swim, steam, drop your AirPods or put your AirPods in the sink or next to a garden hose. If you accidentally drop your AirPods in the water, take it out and dry it with a cloth, let it dry and put it back in the charging case.

Next, your AirPods Pro are not resistant to other liquids such as beer, coffee, oil, acid and soap. These elements can deteriorate the water sealants and acoustic membranes in the AirPod. If your AirPods get exposed in these substances, wipe it with a slightly damp cleaning cloth and dry it with a dry cleaning cloth. Do not put your AirPods back in its wireless charging case until they are completely dry.

To conclude, the AirPods Pro has all the features and designs that are not available in regular AirPods from the standard wireless charging case, water resistance, sweat resistance and the ability to change from noise cancellation to transparency mode. It has water resistance that can last from an accidental water spill or from a workout, but it is not hardy enough to resist from the shower or pool. You should take these steps to prevent damage to your AirPods, especially if you accidentally drop it into the water.

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