Intel Reveals 10th-Gen 4SW "Comet Lake" Chips: 5GHz Barrier Breached

At CES 2020, Intel gives sneak peak on its tenth-generation 45W "Comet Lake" chips, even though it did not announce specifications or share technologies that will be included in the chips.

Intel said the 10th-gen "Comet Lake" processor will breach the 5GHz barrier, claiming to be the best mobile gaming chip. Within them, Core i7 will hit frequencies above 5GHz, whilst i9 will still have 8 cores and 16 threads, but somehow the frequency is higher.

The 45W "Comet Lake" expected to continue use the 14nm process, given that Intel still seems to have a multitude of problems with the 10 mm process.

At present, many manufacturers on CES 2020 have announced their new laptop equipped with the 10th -generation processors, but have not announced the configuration.

For now, the one with most performance among Intel mobile processors is the Core i9 9980HK, which can be hit a frequency of up to 5GHz.

If Apple intents to release a 16-inch MacBook Pro model this year, we should anticipate it to feature the new "Comet Lake" chips, despite rumors have it that Apple could launch Mac with ARM chips built-in.

Image Via ExtremeTech

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