Here Is How Apple Pro Display XDR Stack Up Against Other Pro Monitors

Apple Pro Display XDR sells $4,999 to professionals, but in reality it's actually not expensive compared to other pro-level monitors, so how does it stack up against these displays? Well PCMag was testing the color accuracy and HDR features of Pro Display XDR this week. Since the display is built for photographers and those folks who creates post-production video for living, color accuracy, gamma of color and brightness are quite critical.

Here are the results:

In the Adobe RGB color gamut test, the coverage of Pro Display XDR was 96.7%, beating Acer Predator X35, Asus Rog Strix XG438Q, Dell U3219Q 4K, and Razer Raptor 27. However, these panels opposed to Pro Display XDR are gaming monitors.

Pro Display XDR did not perform well in the sRGB beta, with only 94.3% coverage, but for professional users, sRGB just isn't that significant.

In the DCI-P3 color gamut test, the coverage of Pro Display XDR was 98.7%, beating all other displays, including the previous champion Alienware 55 (96.5%).

Pro Display XDR is still excellent in terms of color accuracy. Anything with delta E below 1.0 can be considered a top-level display. Pro Display XDR reached 0.68 dE without calibration prior to testing.

Lastly, in the brightness trial and the DisplayHDR 1600 assess, the XDR peak brightness is 1561 nits, which is slightly lower than the official 1600 nits announced by Apple. The brightness of SDR is 499 nits.

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