How to File a Feedback Claim to iOS 13’s Feedback Assistant App

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Like iOS 13 beta testers, it is critical to let the beta testing department at Apple know when a bug, issue or concern arises on the iPhone or iPad running the iOS beta software. These issues include cellular and wireless network connectivity issues, glitches and anything that concerns the iOS beta software apart from public iOS versions. Here is the guide to use the nifty Feedback Assistant app on iOS beta testing devices.

Before we begin, here are the requirements to use the Feedback Assistant app on iOS 13 beta. Make sure the iOS device is running the latest iOS 13 beta and the Apple ID is registered to the Apple Beta Program. Next off, find an app that has a purple icon with an exclamation mark on it. The app with the purple-colored icon in the Feedback Assistant app. The app also looks great on Dark Mode with the black and purple colors.

Next off, let’s file the first bug report to Apple. Open Feedback Assistant and log in to the app with the Apple ID linked to the iOS device running the iOS beta. Next, the inbox in the app provides resources from release notes of Xcode updates and Apple beta software releases, which update after a new beta version is released. The inbox also provides the responses from the Apple beta department when follow-up is needed after a bug report.

To file a feedback report, tap on the compose message icon on the top right of the screen or tap on New Feedback on the main screen. Next, choose the software to report a bug report on. After choosing the type of software used for beta testing, choose a category for the issue and fill out the form. Make sure to provide screenshots and write a concise letter to the Apple beta testing department before submitting feedback. After the feedback is submitted, wait for a while to get a follow-up email from Apple or check in the Sent feedback page to get the status of the report.

Last, if the app is opened and a few minutes are inactive, then login with Touch ID, Face ID or Apple ID password is required. The app does this to maintain the security of iOS beta testers and to prevent feedback cases from getting hacked. If Touch ID or Face ID is not set up, there will be only the standard login screen requiring the Apple ID email and password. Repeat the second to third steps when more feedback is needed.

Overall, the Feedback Assistant app is useful when an issue occurs within the iOS, watchOS and macOS beta software. It is preinstalled with all Apple beta software for developers and public beta testers, including an opportunity to help make Apple software better before it gets released to the public.

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