iOS 13.4 Public Beta 2 Changes and Features!

iOS and iPadOS 13.4 public beta 2 introduces a variety of changes and features in the update for public beta testers. The changes and features include a revamped toolbar in the Mail app, a downloadable Shazam shortcut, 9 new Memoji stickers, iCloud folder sharing and CarPlay Control changes. The update is downloadable when the public beta profile is installed on the iOS device.

To start it off, accidentally deleting emails on iPhone is now preventable in the Mail app. The reply button is separated from the delete button to make it difficult to delete emails. This is a great feature for those who don’t like deleting their emails while reading them.

Next, folders in the Files app can now be shared in iCloud. It is a highly user-requested feature that allows users to share their folders with their peers and their colleagues. Shared users can also access the folders shared by the user, making collaboration easier for multiple documents.

Furthermore, there are also 9 new Memoji stickers to add to the Memoji stickers keyboard. Memojis now can also be more expressive from surprised, crossed arms, celebratory, eye-rolling, angry, pleasurable, loving, working or blessed expressions. Now iPhone and iPad users can be more expressive with Memojis when they send an email, iMessage their friends or anything that needs a little emotion.

Last but not least, Apple is planning to add more NFC functionality to CarPlay. For example, an iPhone or Apple Watch can be used to unlock a car, remotely start it up, lock or unlock doors, set off panic mode and eliminate the need of an app from the car manufacturer to use these features. Car owners can also share the NFC electronic car key to other iPhone users, valets and car mechanics they trust, which also eliminates the need to buy spare car keys from the dealership. There can also be a feature that temporarily allows another iPhone user to access the NFC car key on their iPhone, which allows them to unlock/lock doors and remotely start up the car for a brief time. This is recommended if owners need to give the electronic key access to loved ones, valets and technicians from a few hours to a few days only.

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