It Is Coming: FCC Approved Powerbeats 4 Earphones

Today, Apple has received FCC certification for a wireless earphone, model A2015, described as Powerbeats wireless earphones. The rumored Powerbeats 4 product would presumably be this. A mention of Powerbeats 4 emerged last month in the code for the iOS 13.3.1 framework,

Design wise, the Powerbeats 4 has somewhat of a form that's a cross between the current Powerbeats 3 earbuds and the Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds. Though, the upcoming earphone will not be wire-free, instead, a wire will be trailing down from the bottom of the earhook, just like its predecessor.

As for features that will include when launched, iOS 13.3 code hints that Hey Siri support is indeed on the way, as well as an H1 chip, improved battery life is also planned, and will likely support the new Announce Messages functionality that was first introduced with iOS 13.2, enabling Siri to read messages without users having to unlock their phones – perfect on the go.

Price though, we would expect Apple to price Powerbeats 4 to be the same as Powerbeats 3, which retails for $199.95, that's $50 cheaper than the Powerbeats Pro.

It's not unclear when Apple will make the earphone available to its customers, however, consider the company already insert the icons into the iOS 13.3.1, not to mention that it already got FCC approval, we expect it to be available as soon as next month.

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