Feb 9, 2020

Max-Out Mac Pro Still Functions Amid 6,000 Chrome Tabs Opened

The 2019 Mac Pro can be configured with up to 1.5TB of RAM, and so it automatically has people wondered how does one set aside all those memory usages? Well, thanks to Tech Youtuber Jonathan Morrison, we now at least know that running Google Chrome with over 6,000 tags is an option.

Google Chrome is well known for its fast response, but it has also been criticized for taking up a lot of devices' RAM. Morrison determined to find out just how many Chrome tabs can a maxed-out Mac Pro.

Jonathan tweeted that the Chrome browser utilized 75GB of RAM on his Mac Pro and launched some 2,000 tabs. About two hours later, 5,000 Chrome browser tabs were opened, and Chrome's memory usage soared to 170 GB.

He left Mac Pro on, and when he woke up overnight, he saw 6,000 open tabs, and Chrome's memory usage hit a wild 857 GB. If you think that is already absurd enough, Chrome burst through the 1TB memory barrier and acquired more RAM, to the extent that it almost exhausted all RAM usage.

Jonathan Morrison concludes by saying the Chrome browser finally freezes as it used a lot of processing power. But interestingly, other applications on his Mac Pro still function normally

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