Retailer's Inventory System Suggests A Trio Of Apple Products To Debut Soon

YouTuber John Prosser tweeted on Saturday that he got a tip from Target employees that the US retail giant's inventory system has surfaced from what appears to be a product list called Apple Airpods (X Generation) with a price of $399, which could suggest Apple will release the product in the future.

The Airpods X product in question may be Apple's new headset that is rumored to be in development, but the list does not have pictures attached, and there are no details other than the name and the price, It’s worth noting, however, that "Airpods" is misspelled, thus, Apple Airpods (Gen X) may just be the placeholder names for a future product. Additionally, there are three SKUs in Gen X, wherein reflect the three expected colors.

Noteworthily, the $399 price tag is twice the price of Apple's most expensive AirPods Pro at the moment. Therefore, if the product exists (Apple's high-end over-the-ear headphone?), it should be at an even more pro level, and expecting a massive improvement in terms of hardware components.

Thereafter, 9to5mac also received a tip from Target employees that there are also new listings for "Apple TV Gen X," "iPod Touch X Generation" and "Apple Watch Series X" bands.

There are very few reports about the new generation of Apple TV. If Apple opts to update it in March of this year, we only expect it a speed bump to keep it compatible with the performance of popular streaming devices. And as Apple Arcade becomes more mainstream, the new Apple TV would offer a more unified experience for new games.

Apple Watch Bands concerned, it's not agitating to see them listed in Target's inventory system, as March is usually the time when Apple releases Spring collection that consists of various types of bands. 

iPod Touch is also a placeholder. The lineup saw fewer updates than most products Apple sells nowadays, plus since this product has just been updated last year, we are more skeptical a new model would be launched in this year. Regardless, the price shown on the list is the same as the iPod Touch 7th generation (A10) currently on sale, at $399, and there doesn't seem to be a cheaper model.

All those shreds of evidence seem to point towards an event in March, where Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 9, new iPads, MacBook models, and more.

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