T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Approved, Deal Expected to Close In April

Image via Yahoo Finance
Today, the T-Mobile and Sprint merging deal is now approved by US federal judge Victor Marrero. The merging deal acquires for $26 billion, which T-Mobile would use the money to create a dominant, 3rd-largest carrier in the United States. The merger was formally approved by the FCC in November 2019, but state attorneys filed an antitrust lawsuit to defend the merge between these two companies.

The reason why the state attorneys chose to block T-Mobile from the Sprint acquisition because the two companies were not interested in doing the merge in the public. These factors can heighten up cell phone bills and reduce competition. In Marrero’s case, he concluded that,
"T-Mobile has redefined itself over the past decade as a maverick that has spurred the two largest players in its industry to make numerous pro-consumer changes,"
Based on his statement, he is also contrasting T-Mobile with AT&T and Verizon and perceiving on the optimism T-Mobile and Sprint are continuing to finish the merging deal. In response, T-Mobile said they will hopefully close up the merger by April of this year, which is the earliest date. The company will continue to provide the same or improved services and data plans in the same or better prices for a minimum of 3 years after the merge deal concludes.

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