Apple Is On Track To Release iPhone 12 This Fall: Bloomberg

Bloomberg is reporting today that Apple is on schedule to release its range of 5G iPhone models in fall, despite there are manufacturing sources that speculated the launch of Apple’s 2020 iPhone line could be delayed “by months,”.

Signs are that Apple's Chinese-centric manufacturing -- of which Hon Hai is the linchpin -- is slowly getting back on track. The next iPhones with 5G wireless capabilities remain on schedule to launch in the fall, partly because mass production isn't slated to begin until the summer, people familiar with matter have said.
As we have reported this last weekend, Reuters claimed that production of the new phones has been postponed. Nonetheless, the news agency insists it is still possible that the iPhone 12 could launch as original planned. However, today's article dismisses the manufacturing sources' statements in which Reuters quoted.

Even though manufacturers such as Foxconn are expected to be ready to begins production on time, it remains to be seen whether or not components suppliers will be able to meet demand and ship parts to Apple's assembly partners without earlier factory closures affecting supply.

Bloomberg suggests that just because iPhone 12 is expected to launch later this fall does not mean that future Apple products will not be delayed, this is all due to the result of disruptions to Apple's broader supply chain network.

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