Apple Watch Series 6 May Feature Touch ID, Pulse Oximetry And Sleep Tracking

According to a report from the Israeli website The Verifier and YouTuber iUpdate, the Apple Series 6 Watch coming out this fall could be featured with Touch ID, pulse oximetry and sleep tracking.

Apple is currently working on two different ways to add Touch ID fingerprint recognition to the Apple Watch. One way is to integrate a fingerprint sensor into Digital Crown. Another method is to add a sensor underneath the screen. It's unclear if Apple is ready to launch the feature for the Apple Watch this year, as the site points out that this could also be an exclusive feature of the Series 7 model (2021).

To date, Apple Watch does not provide biometric authentication. Instead, users must enter a PIN when they  wear the Watch on their wrist. When the watch is removed from the arm, the watch locks automatically. When the paired iPhone is unlocked, the user's watch will also unlock automatically.

As for the features coming to watchOS, the report alleges that watchOS 7 will include a "fresh design," updates to built-in apps, and improvements to Siri.

The Verifier states that Apple Watch Series 2 (launched in 2016) will not be eligible to update to watchOS 7. Presumably, this means that the Apple Watch Series 1 will also be outdated by the time when it comes out, as it shares the same dual-core processor as the Series 2.

Finally, The Verifier does not expect major hardware changes to occur on the Watch itself this year. Although Apple may bring some minor updates (such as WiFi 6) and extend battery life, the overall design of the device should remain the same.

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