iOS 14: iPhone 9, New iPad Pro, Apple TV Remote, And AirTags Confirmed

In the past two days, the leaks of iOS 14 caused various new features to be disclosed in advance, this time, however, it is the hardware's turn. Within the iOS 14 code snippets, some long-rumored products were discovered, including the new iPad Pro models, iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2?), AirTags, and the new Apple TV remote, as per a report from 9to5mac.

The iOS 14 code suggests that the new iPad Pro will feature a rear triple-lens-camera system similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, and will include a ToF 3D sensor. ToF sensors are for AR functionalities.

iOS 14 also include details for the iPhone 9, which will continue to use the Touch ID fingerprint recognition sensor, and Apple hoping this would attract many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners to upgrade. Rumors have it that the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 will be released this spring.

As for the Apple TV remote, no information is available at the moment other than the mention of it within the iOS 14 code snippets, however, 9to5mac says that they are still digging though it, so stay tune for that.

Last but not least, a reference of the Apple Tile-like track item "AirTags" revealed users will be able to set it up in bulk via iOS, and a user-replaceable battery will be available. Previous reports indicate that Apple may enable AirTags to be wirelessly recharged and that it will rely on a removable coin-shaped battery in which the tracker's back cover must be screwed off in order to access the battery.

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