iPads To Receive Full Mouse Cursor As Well As Trackpad Support With iOS 14

Apple added support for the mouse cursor to its operating system with the releases of iOS 13. It is not exactly a traditional cursor pointer, though, as the simulated fingers it uses are quite unreliable and do not appear to provide traditional mouse functions. Specifically, mouse support for iOS 13 is rather for accessibility than productivity. However, such an awful experience will change once iOS 14 launches, according to 9to5mac.

The upcoming iOS 14 (iPadOS 14) update will add appropriate system-wide support for the mouse. After a few seconds without touching the mouse, the location the cursor is pointing at will disappear automatically. When you continue to use the mouse, the mouse cursor will appear.

This includes supporting multiple cursors based on what you want to hover, such as switching from a standard arrow pointer to a pointing hand when hovering over a link. These APIs may then be automatically converted to Mac apps through Catalyst, which currently lacks an API for changing the type of mouse cursor.

Apple will also introduce trackpad support in iOS 14 and support macOS-like gestures. For example, double-click your finger with the right mouse button.

Lastly, Apple plans to release a Smart Keyboard accessory similar to the Microsoft Surface keyboard cover for the iPad in the coming months.

Undoubtedly to say the new accessories and iOS 14 update would make the iPad to certain degree a substitute for a PC.

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