Trump Reportedly Lobbied On Apple's Behalf To Open An Apple Store In India

It was announced at Apple's annual shareholders meeting that Apple is planning to open India's first Apple Store in 2021, and now a report has revealed that US President Donald Trump is making some effort in this.

Special approval for opening a retail store in India is necessary and the government wants Apple to work with it. Apple had long been planning to open a store in India, but was limited by government regulations, forcing the Cupertino-based tech giant to source 30 percent of its production locally in order to obtain a brand retail license.

Apple has always wanted to assemble locally and increase sales, and Foxconn has started to assemble the XR in India, and the assembly of the iPhone 11 is also planned.

Business Insider, who have quoted Cook's interview on Fox News, said that the Trump administration to be trying to persuade India to relax the 30% rule. “The administration worked on this with the Indian government and that change has been made,” Cook said. Fox New too states that Apple will no longer have to find a partner in retail, since, the Trump administration lobbied on Apple’s behalf.

At current stage, Apple is only able to sell its products in India through third-party sellers, both online and in physical stores. But that's about to change, as the company announced that it will launch online sales in India this year, the plan was first came into light at last week's annual shareholders meeting.

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