iOS 14 Could Gain Wallpaper Customization, Floating Widgets

Apple is redesigning the Wallpaper Setting Screen for iOS based on details found on an earlier version of iOS 14. Twitter user DongleBookPro, who often gathers information on Apple's incoming products, posted screenshots today, showing the new wallpaper features in iOS 14.

The default iOS 14 wallpapers would be properly classified, meaning that instead of bringing together all of the wallpapers. Users can browse any set of wallpapers by sliding the screen and find the wallpaper they need effortlessly.

The screenshot also exposes a new "Home Screen Appearance" option, similar to Apple Watch's watch face setting. Upon activating this feature, users can arrange to define smart dynamic wallpapers that can only be used on the Home Screen. Dynamic wallpapers are built on the existing ones, i.e monochrome, blurry and dark versions.

9to5Mac found proof of another new feature internally called "avocado" in the iOS 14 code, which is linked to the Springboard and Widgets on the Home Screen.

Apple is expected to implement widgets that can move around for iPhone/iPad for the first time in iOS 14. This sort of new widget can replace the fixed widget on iPadOS 13, but the feature is still in the planning stage, thus, Apple may dump the feature at the last minute.

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