iOS 14 Will Bring Two-Factor Authentication To iCloud Keychain: 9to5Mac

9to5Mac is out with another report detailing their newest iOS 14 foundings, which Apple is working to enhance the iCloud Keychain Password Manager feature and will add advanced features like the ability to generate the two-factor authentication codes.

iCloud Keychain could store all passwords, credit cards and other personal information on iOS and macOS platforms. However, compared to 1Password or LassPass, Apple's password manager lacks several essential features. This is going to improve in iOS 14.

New features that Apple is testing include warning users to not reuse passwords and preventing users from using the same password on multiple websites. Apple is also adding a way to generate two-factors authentication codes, so that after you enter your password, there is another layer of encryption, that is, users will need to enter the codes to access services and websites.

1Password or similar apps require payment or subscription, but iCloud Keychain is provided to Apple users for free, that way, it would attach more users to use the password management system.

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