iPhone SE 2nd Gen Teardown Reveals Similar Components To The iPhone 8

Image via iFixit
The iPhone SE 2nd generation has been released since Friday, with a design and internals similar to the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 8, respectively. An electronics repair company named iFixit grabbed ahold of the red iPhone SE 2nd generation and tore it down by opening up the iPhone and imaging it with an X-ray, comparing it with the previous iPhone 8. There are a lot of similarities inside the iPhone SE 2nd generation, with an identical battery and components.

iFixit first noted that the iPhone SE 2nd generation has the same layout and components of the iPhone 8, with the opening of the iPhone the same method as the latest models. The battery is the same size as the iPhone 7 and 8, but technicians can not put a battery that comes from the other two iPhones, as the connector slot on the iPhone SE 2nd generation is slightly longer to prevent battery mixups during replacements. The single-camera arrays on the iPhone SE 2020 are the same as the iPhone 8, but it gets the improved image signal processing, Portrait Lighting, and Portrait Mode features thanks to its A13 Bionic chip from the iPhone 11. This gives the iPhone SE a wider spectrum of color reproduction and improvements in low-light photography than the older iPhone 8 and 7 models.

As of right now, the teardown of the iPhone SE 2020 is only available in a YouTube video, but iFixit will post a full teardown article on Monday. There will also be a more thorough video of the iPhone SE 2nd generation teardown on the company’s YouTube channel as well. Make sure to subscribe and check out their website for more repair guides of Apple products. 

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