Leaked Image Offers A Look At iPhone 12's Camera Array W/ The LiDAR Sensor

Apple is expected to release its iPhone 12 range this fall, which is said to feature a new depth sensor on the back, and a leaked image came from Concepts iPhone may just offer us a look at how Apple would rearrange the camera bump to accommodate the new LiDAR Scanner.

The original source of the image, Concepts iPhone, said they obtained this image from iOS 14. In the picture, we can clearly see the iPhone 12 Pro camera array includes the Wide angle, Ultra Wide angle, Telephoto lenses, and the LiDAR scanner, like the 2020 iPad Pro.

Although it would appear like there is no space left for the flash sensor, Apple managed to move it to the middle of the camera bump. It is not clear, though, whether Apple has found a way to relocate the microphone to another venue, since the leaked image doesn't depict the mic.

Apple is anticipated to launch a new "iPhone 12" series of new smartphones in the fall, although some reports indicate that due to the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the release of the new smartphone may be delayed. On the iPhone, the LiDAR scanner may provide similar features as in the iPad Pro, including improved augmented reality features.

Image Via 9to5Mac

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