New iPhone SE Appears To Be Missing 'Haptic Touch For Notifications' Feature

Haptic Touch for notifications appears to be missing on the new iPhone SE, according to a Reddit user.

On the iPhone 2020 Tech Specs page, Apple specifically states that the device supports Haptic Touch, yet, it's not clear why it does not work on notifications on the $399 iPhone. On Haptic Touch-enabled devices including iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, long press on a notification in the Notification Center or the Lock screen brings up rich notifications based on the app sending the notification.
I received my SE yesterday and very quickly realized that Haptic Touch is not supported on notifications. I am not seeing this reported anywhere, haven’t seen one review mentioning it, no video I watched mentioned it. Haptic Touch works for peek and pop, and on icons on the home screen but if you are on the lock screen or Notification Center and try to long press an email to archive, or a text to quick reply you are out of luck.

On the 6S-XS 3D Touch was the solution, with the XR and 11 series Haptic Touch was the replacement, but this is the first non 3D Touch phone to be released where all the features of Haptic Touch are not fully baked into the OS.
The Redditors contacted Apple Support and was told that this feature is indeed missing on the iPhone SE and adding that there is no software update planned to change this behavior. Matthew Panzarino of Tech Crunch also confirmed the lack of ‌Haptic Touch‌ for notifications on the SE is working as Apple intended.

But at least the good news is that Haptic works in many other ways on iPhone SE.

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