Apr 2, 2020

T-Mobile and Sprint Completes Merger Deal

Image via Ars Technica 
T-Mobile and Sprint finally completed its merger, which now has Sprint merged into the T-Mobile company’s operations. The changes are effective immediately after the completion of the merge, which the former COO of T-Mobile Mike Sievert is now promoting to CEO and John Legere stepping down from the company. Legere will now serve as the chairman in the T-Mobile Board of Directors in the remainder of his current term, which is until the company’s next annual meeting of shareholders this June.

The outcomes after the merger completion follow the many great things that are coming to T-Mobile, including thousands of Sprint users switching over to the Magenta plans in the company. T-Mobile points out in its statement that the company will be 14 times more in its capacity in the next 6 years from now. The company is also using the added capacity to make its 5G services faster by 15 times in a few years, with the current speed being 8 times faster than 4G LTE. After the 6 year period, T-Mobile will already provide 5G to 99% of Americans and average 5G speeds above 100 Mbps to 90% of Americans using the carrier. On the other side, the company will be covering 5G coverage for 90% of rural communities in the US with 5G speeds up to 50 Mbps, which is twice as fast as broadband speeds.

All T-Mobile users can also decide which plan is best for them, ranging from budget services to great service for their phone plans. Both Sprint and T-Mobile customers will remain in their respective networks, stores and services that they are using right now. But in the future, Sprint assets and branding will be replaced by T-Mobile.

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