There Are Now More American Teenagers Owns An iPhone Than Ever, Survey Shows

According to the latest data collected by the investment firm Piper Sandler in its latest semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens survey, the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone among American teenagers, and this has been the case for many years.

Piper Sandler surveyed 5,200 teenagers with an average age of 16.2 and a median household income of $ 65,600 to understand their buying habits and brand preferences.

The survey shows that 85% of the young people surveyed own an iPhone, and 88% of the respondents expect the iPhone to be their next phone. Both of these data set a record high in the survey, but it is worth noting that most of the teens came from households with higher incomes. Last year, 83% of teens surveyed owned an iPhone, and 86% planned to buy it.

On the other side, 8% of teenagers said they plan to buy Android phones, down from 10% in the same period last year.

Not only iPhone adoption saw an increase, but also that Apple Watch adoption continues to grow with 25% of teens surveyed saying they own the wearable, up from 20% when comparing the data released last fall.

For AirPods. 52% of teenagers say they own a set of AirPods, and among teenagers who don’t have AirPods, 18% plan to buy it within a year.

Apple TV+, Apple's new video streaming service, however, didn't make into top 5 when it comes to  the daily video consumption category, with Netflix claims the number one spot and Disney+ debuts in top 5 ahead of Amazon and Apple TV+.

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