Tim Cook To Hold Company-Wide Virtual Meeting, Answer COVOD-19 Questions

Apple will organize a company-wide virtual meeting later this month, so employees can ask the executive team led by CEO Tim Cook COVID-19 questions, reports Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

The company sent a meeting notice to employees on Wednesday, seeking questions they would like to ask before the end of Saturday at the latest, and encouraging employees to share their work experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not known the exact date of the meeting.

Apple notified employees last week that stores in the United States would be closed until early May, and that Apple employees would continue to work from home. Santa Clara, where Apple Park and Infinite Loop are located, mandates that companies will remain closed until 3 May.

The Regulation prohibits all non-essential business operations and requires employees to work from their homes. Apple's corporate office will not be able to reopen until the order is lifted. According to the latest guidance from local governments and experts in public health, Apple will continue to implement flexible work arrangements.

Tim Cook led Apple's public response to the pandemic, and have continued to provide new videos to highlight Apple's effort to donate medical equipment to Twitter. Cook said that the teams are working with suppliers to design, manufacture and transport face masks for medical personnel.

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